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Shoeing For A Living

Staying Out of the Horse’s Way

Texas farrier Mike Chance finds successfully shoeing the Western Pleasure horse comes from treating it like an individual.
Looking back, Mike Chance believes he didn’t have the typical make-up to be a successful farrier. And maybe he wouldn’t have become a horseshoer had he acknowledged that. “It never occurred to me that I couldn’t be successful in this trade,” he says. “Maybe I was lacking in some areas, but I was determined to be a farrier.”
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Freedom Is The Nature Of His Business

Oregon farrier molds his practice to provide quality hoof-care, while enjoying the High Desert of the Pacific Northwest
“I own my business — it doesn’t own me.” Kurt Fisk lives by this max­im. The Bend, Ore., farrier has found that he’s much happier and successful in his hoof-care practice as a result.
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Farriers' Roundtable

When tracking a case of long toe and collapsed heels with a broken-back pastern axis, dressing the dorsal hoof wall to improve the hoof-pastern axis can be risky. You can be left with little or no hoof wall.
Generally speaking, I believe when you sacrifice the integrity of the hoof wall to change the mechanics of the foot, you’ve potentially created a new problem without effectively addressing the original issue.
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