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Researchers Study How Thoroughbred Limbs Respond to Uneven Ground

Researchers in New Zealand used limb measurements obtained by CT examinations and limb dissections along with kinematic data obtained while trotting and cantering Thoroughbred racehorses over uneven ground to develop a model of how structures in the limbs respond to changes in the ground surface. They examined joint movements, muscle-tendon strains and ligament strains.
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Remembering Danny Ward

Danny Ward Remembering Hoof-care industry memorializes the Hall Of Fame farrier’s profound influence
The highly respected and beloved farrier Danny Ward passed away March 22, 2018, at the age of 73. Owner and operator of Danny Ward Horseshoeing School and a third-generation farrier, Ward was known for his superb farrier abilities and his commitment to education.
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Equine Lameness: Subjective Versus Objective Assessment

Lameness is a common reason horses present to equine practitioners. Federal researchers note that lameness has the highest annual incident density of all medical problems in horses — half of all horse operations with five or more horses experience one or more cases of lameness annually. Another report estimates lameness incidence at 7.5% to 13.7% annually.
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An Ever Evolving Industry

The past 40 years of farriery have witnessed important changes in the business practices of the trade
Hoof care has undergone a multitude of changes ever since the ancients domesticated the horse and assumed its responsibility. However, the last 40 years are arguably one of the most significant periods in its growth than any other 4-decade span. This time witnessed dramatic changes in how farriers work with one another, and saw unrivaled technological advancements.
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Farriers And Research: A Possible Role

Hoof-care professionals could unite to build a valuable database that could be mined for a variety of information
When a farrier has trimmed and shod hundreds of horses thousands of times, it stands to reason that he or she will have reached certain conclusions about how trimming a foot this way, or applying a shoe in that way will affect a horse.
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Toe Grab
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Front Toe Grab Ban Coming

California racing officials appear ready to enforce a ban against taller toe grabs

The ongoing controversy over allowing traction devices on racetracks heated up recently as members of the California Horse Racing Board voted to start enforcing an earlier height restriction for front toe grabs.

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Hoof-Care Industry Honors Halls Of Fame Inductees

Dedication and lifetime achievements are trademarks of the “Class of 2006”

Honoring dedication to the craft and life-long achievement of high quality work, the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame each inducted four dynamic professionals into their exclusive ranks during February.

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