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Farriers Can Add Value to their Practice with Adhesive Applications

Acrylic, urethane and polyurethane are among the options available to enhance a hoof-care business
Acrylic and urethane adhesives can offer farriers more shoeing options, the ability to provide better services to clients and ultimately an opportunity to increase business profitability. Despite these potential benefits, many farriers still shy away from reactive adhesives due to confusion about which product to use and when.
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Considerations for Using Alternative Materials for Managing Leverage

The thought process for addressing leverage concerns with modern materials requires gathering information and not limiting imagination
As farriers, we know that when making shoeing choices for the horse, man­aging leverage — adding or subtracting leverage biomechanically — is part of that decision making process. We have many appliance options available to achieve our goals.
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How Do Adhesives Affect Hoof Wall?

Moisture and heat are the most common enemies during repair
Chances are pretty good that you’ve repaired a compromised hoof wall at one time or another. In fact, according to the most recent American Farriers Journal Farrier Business Practices Survey, nearly half of all farriers find themselves using some type of hoof repair product on a weekly basis.
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Therapeutic Shoeing

Proper Planning, Teamwork Play Big Role

Advancements in materials and techniques offer hope for serious injuries, but place premium on continuing hoof-care education
Therapeutic shoeing has made great advances in the past few decades, partly because there’s more interest in this specialty, and also because of the development of better methods for dealing with therapeutic situations.
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Prepare to Glue

Overcoming doubts about application methods and reliability can enable you and the horses to benefit from glue-on shoes

“There’s nothing intuitive about nailing a shoe on a horse. It’s a skill we develop to the point that most farriers drive in a nail and wring off the end without even thinking about what they’re doing.

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Glue On Shoes
Product Knowledge

Reliable Glue-On Shoes Require Know-How

They’re not meant to replace nails in every case, but the right glue at the right time can boost farrier and horse performance

If you’ve had troubles with glue-on shoes, listen up. “These things all work,” says Bill Kirkpatrick, general manager of Sound Horse Technologies of Unionville, Pa. To create the strongest possible bond between hoof and shoe, choose the right glue for the job at hand and mix it properly, work with clean, dry feet, and use as much surface contact area as possible, he advises.

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