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Shoeing For A Living

The Reluctant Remedial Shoer

California farrier Travis Koons finds success relying on a minimalist approach in therapeutic cases
“You don’t want to shoe lames horses, trust me.” Bob Marshall tried to warn the confident young farrier, but the then 18-year-old Travis Koons had made up his mind. The Hemet, Calif., youngster had printed business cards, announcing that his farrier practice specializes in pathological, remedial and corrective horseshoeing.
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Farrier Tips

Getting A Better Handle On Nailing Shoes

Do you find that it's difficult to steady a horseshoe while nailing it on? Steve Kraus, the head of Farrier Services at Cornell University, has developed a procedure to help his students relax and drive better nails while securely holding the shoe.
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New Mexico Farriers Get Some Oklahoma Shoeing Wisdom

Mark Milster stresses importance of observation and understanding the needs of the individual horse
Mark Milster gave some tips on everyday shoeing and forging at the first-ever clinic held at San Marcos Feed, near Santa Fe, N.M. When San Marcos Feed took over the farrier supply side of Wagon Mound Ranch Supply, owner Tom Macdonnell decided to continue the tradition of hosting an annual shoeing clinic.
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Hoof-Care E-Mail Q&A

Where do you like to drive a nail and why? What area of the hoof wall do you try to avoid?
Where do you like to drive a nail and why? What area of the hoof wall do you try to avoid?
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Hammering it Home

Manufacturers offer tips and advice on selecting the right nail for the job and putting it in the right place
Certain things about horseshoeing never seem to change, and among those are the traditional guidelines for nailing.
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Product Focus

The Highs And Lows Of Nailing

I was asked to sit in on a panel discussion before more than 800 farriers at the 2006 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the topic was a debate on high nailing versus low nailing.
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