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Therapeutic Farrier Achieves Hoof-Care Goals Using Pads and Pour-ins

Products can provide frog support, cushion the sole and reduce concussion
Pads and pour-ins offer farriers a variety of options when servicing hoof-care clients. Nick Denson, a farrier in Sagamore, Mass., works on many therapeutic cases and relies on these products regularly. During the 2020 International Hoof-Care Summit, Denson presented “Shoeing Tips with Castle Pads and Pour-in Urethanes” during a How-to Hoof-Care Product Knowledge Clinic, sponsored by Castle Plastics.
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Work Toward Your Signature

I work primarily with Morgans, American Saddlebreds and Hackney ponies. These horses require a significant time commitment from me. In my practice, working on seven or eight horses a day is tough for a one-farrier operation. Instead, I usually do about four horses a day.
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Research Journal: March 2018

The information, ideas and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United States Department of Agriculture.
X-Rays And Cutting Horses Researchers examined presale radiographs of 343 Quarter Horses in training to identify lesions associated with the likelihood of competing in cutting events, the likelihood of earning money and the amount of money earned during their 3- and 4-year-old years.
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Keys To Succeed With Halter Horses

There are many factors that lead to improving your work as a halter horse farrier — some of them not specific to only this discipline
Throughout my life, I’ve raised and shown horses in multiple disciplines. It is still a big part of my life with my wife, Jana. Because of these experiences, I’ve become a better horseman, which has helped me improve as a farrier over 25 years in the trade.
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The Cost Of Treating Laminitis

A veterinarian and three farriers discuss the cost of treatment and how it affects their approach to helping the horse
Like any disease, treating laminitis comes at a cost. Usually it is the financial aspects that one — especially the client — considers. Cost for diagnosis and treatment may include radiographs, medicines, and the professional fees of the vet and farrier to name a few.
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Migrating Clients Require Farrier Communication And Collaboration

As seasons change and horses move between locations, farriers in different states must work together to keep horse hooves healthy
Farriers spend a lot of energy, effort and expertise to keep their charges’ feet in tip-top shape so that their clients can continue year-round. Some farriers have clients who opt to migrate their horses to other locations beyond their “home base” for part of the year, such as those whose clients show during the winter in Florida.
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