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Physiology, Foot Morphology And Health In The True Wild Horse

Researcher finds laminitis and surprising hoof problems with Przewalski’s horse
The Przewalski horse, the only wild horse living today, enjoys what could be considered the “ideal” life. In Mongolia and Hungary, where Brian Hampson has observed them, the nomadic grazers roam the fence-free countryside. Traditional herdsmen are responsible for regularly monitoring the herds, but the caretakers don’t interact with or attempt to domesticate the horses.
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Nutrient Strategies

Hay is for Horses

It’s the basis of every equine diet, yet its nutritional content is often poorly understood

From their wide, flat molars, designed for grinding tough, gritty stems, to their gastrointestinal tracts, which process the nutrition bound in fibrous plants, horses are equipped to get the maximum benefit out of food sources that many other species of animals reject.

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