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Summit Delivers Powerful Takeaways For Attendees

Industry professionals share some of the ideas they learned that will most benefit their practices
Another record number of equine hoof-care professionals invested in their continuing education in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the 15th annual International Hoof-Care Summit for “Sound Strategies For Better Footcare.” A wealth of information from some of the most knowledgeable hoof-care experts in the world was offered up to the 1,270 attendees from 18 countries.
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Online Extras: March 2017 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • Read about Matty Spinelli's use of a "hammer hand" when shoeing.
  • View more photos from the 2017 IHCS.
  • Read more on the role of cryotherapy in preventing and managing laminitis.
  • Listen to two humorous stories from HOF inductee Gunner Gatski's career.
  • Gain insight from Shayne Carter on shoeing the forefeet.
  • Read AFJ's coverage of soring.

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Research Journal

A 10-year study in the United Kingdom investigated the relationships between clinical signs, response to nerve blocks, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings for horses diagnosed with navicular disease. The 4,618 horses examined were presented with a complaint of forelimb lameness and received a typical clinical workup prior to MRI.

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Cryotherapy Can Ward Off Laminitis In Some Horses

Laminitis, a serious hoof condition that cripples many horses, can be caused by a number of different things. Ingestion of moldy feed, retained placentas in mares, and colitis or other gastrointestinal tract infections are only a few of the scenarios that can result in inflammation that affects the sensitive tissues within the hooves. The result is pain, swelling, and disrupted circulation, often leading to untreatable tissue damage that eventually causes the horse to be humanely destroyed.
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Stopping Laminitis Cold

A long-practiced treatment, cryotherapy still delivers benefits as our understanding of its effectiveness slowly increases
It used to mean simply standing a lame horse in the cold-running creek out back to soothe legs and feet and alleviate signs of lameness. Cryotherapy has come a long way since then in terms of what it's used for and the tools to administer it, but the method's safety makes it a therapy to rely on. Now, research is confirming that cryotherapy can also have application in the early stages of laminitis.
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Laminitis Panel

A Wide-Ranging Look at Laminitis

Fifth International Equine Conference On Laminitis And Diseases Of The Foot Delves Into Many Areas And Therapies
Gorgeous sunshine and swaying palm trees were good reasons for visiting Florida’s Atlantic coast, but they were greatly enhanced by the gracious hospitality and extraordinary exchange of equine knowledge at the Fifth International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot.
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