This page lists material that supplements the March 2017 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Matty Spinelli: Farrier With A Hammer Hand

Read an article about Drew Golden's uncle, Matty Spinelli, who uses a "hammer hand" when shoeing horses.

(Supplements to the article "Taking The Time With Each Horse" on Page 12.)

IHCS 2017 Photo Gallery

View more photos from the 2017 International Hoof-Care Summit.

(Supplement to the article "IHCS 2017 Photo Album" on Page 32.)

Cryotherapy’s Role In Preventing And Managing Laminitis

Read an article discussing how cryotherapy can play a critical role in preventing and managing laminitis.

(Supplements to the article "Guarding Against Springtime Laminitis" on Page 38.)

The Prized Hen And The Golden Shoe

Hear Gunner Gatski share two humorous stories from his career.

(Supplement to the article "9 For the Ages" on Page 52.)


Gain insight from Shayne Carter on shoeing the forefeet.

(Supplement to the article "Balance And The Basics" on Page 69.)

AFJ's Archival Coverage Of Soring

(Supplement to the article "Efforts To End Soring Travel A Long And Winding Road" on Page 72.)