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Frankly Speaking: A Wake Up Call For Farriers

In this issue, there are a few references to mutually respectful relationships between farriers and veterinarians. In the "Lessons From The Track" article, Kentucky farrier Joey Carroll says it is OK to “disagree, but don’t be disagreeable,” when working with a vet counterpart.
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State, Local Jurisdictions Cloud Sales Tax Collection For Hoof-Care Providers

Where you live and work has a impact on what you need to collect from clients in sales taxes
Paying taxes is an inevitable part of operating a business. Depending on where you live in the United States, sales tax is a mandatory part of taxation and the billing process of a farrier practice. Unfortunately, the lack of uniformity makes collecting sales tax confusing.
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Letterbox: May/June 2016

Update On “Licensing” Effort
Progress continues in our work to define the professionalization of farriers. A few of us met and discussed many of the processes and permutations of the “Initiative to Professionalize the Practice of Equine Footcare and Farriery” in early March. We’ll meet in late summer, when progress can be assessed and new assignments undertaken.
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A Friend To Everyone In early November, I attended the 38th annual clinic at Danny Ward’s shop (“It All Started Because Someone Wanted To Show Off A Shoeing Truck,” Dec. 2015). Like every year, it was well-attended and featured excellent clinicians.
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A Historical Look At Farrier Licensing

Back in 2005, American Farriers Journal published a highly controversial 54-page series on farrier licensing and the role that horseshoeing schools played in preparing students for a hoof-care career. To provide the hoof-care industry with a look back at the valuable historical insights on the pros and cons of farrier licensing from 10 years ago, we created this compilation of four of the 18 articles that appeared in that series.
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Group Aims To Establish Veterinary Standards

Any veterinarian can call himself or herself an expert in equine podiatry. Yet, there is a group of more than 30 equine veterinarians who want to establish standards and a knowledge base to be able to make that claim within the veterinary field.
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Proper Transportation of Fuels

When carrying propane or oxygen and acetylene in your rig, it’s important to be sure you’re in compliance with transportation laws
Liquid petroleum gas (LP gas) or propane, is a very useful, convenient and widely used fuel in the farrier industry. Transportable propane cylinders, as used in the typical farrier forge, are regulated by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).
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