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Management Of Long Toe, Low Heel In Hunters And Jumpers

This common foot problem presents a real challenge for farriers
There are very few advantages to having had a lot of birthdays and some gray in your hair, but the big benefit is having a lot of experience and a personal sense of history. In the 40 years I have been shoeing hunters and jumpers, I have witnessed a lot of changes. The biggest is the shift from using ex-racing Thoroughbreds to European warmbloods as the primary breeds.
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Heel Concussion Can Pound A Hoof

Although heel concussion is a normal part of every stride, serious problems can arise when the foot is out of balance and the load takes an internal toll
Don’t think of heel concussion as a problem; it’s a part of the normal footfall as a hoof moves through its stride. But excessive heel concussion is a different matter — with the sneaky potential to get lost amid concerns about navicular syndrome and other causes of palmar pain.
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When one American Farriers Journal reader takes on a new well-to-do shoeing client, he normally doesn’t tell them what he charges.
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Dealing With Lost Shoes

End your frustrations with this concern by knowing when the farrier, the owner, the rider or the horse is to blame
A LOST SHOE is among the more frustrating situations that horse owners and farriers experience.
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