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Body Condition Scoring System Keeps Equine Professionals On The Same Page

This standardized method to determine a horse’s ideal body weight is an important tool for horse owners, trainers, farriers and nutritionists

Body condition scoring is something every horse owner and trainer should know how to use in order to evaluate if a horse is too skinny or too fat, says Jessica Normand, senior director of equine health for SmartPak.

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Nutrient Strategies

The Real Low-Down on Fats

Here’s plenty of ammunition to help answer concerns from hoof-care clients concerning the fat supplementation controversy
If there’s a nutritional buzzword for the twenty-first century, it’s fat. While we struggle to keep our own diets as low fat as possible, it’s only in recent years that your hoof-care clients have recognized the value of raising the fat levels in the equine athlete’s diet.
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Cushing's Vs. Laminitis

In horses suffering from both laminitis and Cushingʼs disease, abnormal distribution of fat is the most common clinical sign

When it comes to determining the most common cause of laminitis, a recently completed study at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine places equine Cushing’s disease right at the top of the list.

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