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Quick Tips For Improving Your Bottom Line

British farrier David Nicholls shares his thoughts on making the business side of farriery more pleasant

David Nicholls clearly understands the need for farriers to operate their businesses as businesses. The West Sussex, England, farrier has keen insight not only from being a practitioner for more than 45 years, but from his overall business experience. He’s worked outside of farriery in varied capacities and within farriery, he’s worked in both single- and multi-farrier practices. But for him, there is one reason why he was qualified to lecture other farriers on the subject of business at the 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit.

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The Backyard Horse

When it’s Time to End a Business Relationship with Backyard Clients

The reasons may differ, but to have a long, prosperous career with backyard clients, it means you likely will have to fire some of them
Backyard horses are a part of most farrier practices. Sometimes there is a need to part ways with these clients, either through unacceptable conditions or a desire to improve the bottom line. It doesn't matter what level or discipline of horses you work with, sooner or later you are going to part ways with some clients.
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On-The-Job Safety

Proper positioning and stretching exercises will help prevent long-term injuries.
As a farrier, you're going to be working in a field with certain inherent dangers. You already know that and if you're finishing up horseshoeing school, odds are you've already had first-hand experience with some of them.
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Farrier Finances

Farrier Finances Toeing the Line

Data from last summer’s American Farriers Journal survey indicates the shoeing business is reflecting the country’s economic problems
Reflecting the overall economy of the United States, the average American farrier has struggled to gain financial ground over the past 2 years.
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Find Your Place on the Scale

Bi-annual business practices survey provides a window on how things are going in the shoeing business
The average gross income of American farriers took a dramatic upswing during the last 2 years, but whether or not you rode that rising tide depends largely on where you were shoeing.
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