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Recurrent Solar Abscesses Result From Keratoma

Vermont farrier and equine veterinarian resolve Quarter Horse’s 4-year struggle with lameness
Complete surgical removal of a solar keratoma in the right front foot of a 14-year-old Quarter Horse, followed up with daily hoof saline flushes and supportive shoeing packages, resulted in a high rate of success in the horse’s long-term soundness.
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Farriers' Roundtables

What is the best way to trim and shoe a horse with contracted heels? It seems like I often see contracted heels along with a long-toe problem.
What is the best way to trim and shoe a horse with contracted heels? It seems like I often see contracted heels along with a long-toe problem.
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Trimming Minis Is No Small Deal

Reversing your ideas about trimming may pay dividends when working with miniature horses
Frank Lupton says miniature horses aren’t just scaled down versions of their full-sized counterparts, especially where the feet are concerned.
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Wedge Pads Prove Effective For His Navicular Cases

Oklahoma vet says simple shoeing combination has an impressive track record of success

When I was in horseshoeing school, the slipper shoe treatment for navicular disease seemed like just the ticket. The idea was that by beveling the hoof surface of the shoe from the quarters back to the heels, you would force the heels outward and relieve the compression stresses on the internal structures of the hoof.

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Horse Hoof

Apply Two Basic Principles to the Long-Toe, Low-Heel Hoof

Trim away the bent horn tubules to get down to the straight ones, and deal with each foot on its own merits, says a noted farrier and teacher

You look at the foot and there it is: a weak heel that you suspect might lend itself to the development of a foot with long-toe, low-heel syndrome. The bad heel might have been caused by trimming the heel too low or by a naturally weak heel prone to collapse. Or it could be caused by excessive wear at the heel that, studies have shown, can be brought about by a shoe, especially one that’s too small, that exposes only the heel to wear.

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Using the Roller Motion Shoe

Therapeutic shoe slope and raised heels are useful in dealing with a variety of hoof abnormalities
Wouldn't it be great if all horses had correct, perfect or nearly perfect conformation? Then hooves could be easily shod and balanced, the horses would be sound and their owners would be pleased. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has spoiled this farrier dream. In the real world of horseshoeing, neither horses nor their hooves are perfect.
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Farrier explains how the horses who carry New York's Tallest are kept safe and sound and shares what he's learned about traction
The New York City Police Department has 100 horses to patrol the city's five boroughs.
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