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Study Links Asymmetrical Force Vectors With Uneven Hooves

Naturally, asymmetries can be found in humans as well as horses. When it comes to horses, the typical forms of structural asymmetry are in bone size, muscular development and hoof dimensions. It has been noted by Sarah Jane Hobbs, et al, in their recently-published study that about 5% of Dutch Warmbloods have uneven dorsal hoof wall angles in the front limbs. The development of this unevenness can often be attributed to horses favoring one side or the other, often termed sidedness.
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Mismatched Feet: Veterinary And Farriery Perspectives

An American Association of Equine Practitioners’ conference session delivered insight on working with horses with mismatched feet
Managing a horse with mismatched feet can be a challenge for both the veterinarian and farrier. At last winter’s American Association of Equine Practitioners’ convention, a session undertook both the veterinarian and farrier’s role in these cases.
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A team of European researchers has found conformation of the forelimbs (including heel height and pastern angle), height at the withers and neck length can contribute to uneven feet concerns.
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Just the Facts?

Equine vet Dave Ramey says results from shoeing studies don’t always agree with past practices and assumptions
For decades, farriers have held to long-accepted standards and practices. Yet how accurate are these dogmatic principles?
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Shoe Support Is Critical With Half-Limb Casts

An elevated support shoe can protect essential hoof angles when dealing with fractures and other serious injuries
Ryan Carpenter and a team of fellow veterinarians at Colorado State University have found that properly applying a half-limb cast to a standing horse is an effective tool to treat numerous orthopedic and soft tissue injuries.
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