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Nutrition Plays A Role In Causing, Treating Laminitis

Nutrition can play a role in initiating laminitis, either through precipitating an abrupt change in bacterial flora and releasing an endotoxic shower or directly through a carbohydrate overload. It is also necessary to nutritionally manage the laminitic horse to increase hindgut fermentation.
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Different Ideas On Treating Quarter And Bar Cracks

The July/August 2014 issue of American Farriers Journal included a look at various ways of dealing with hoof cracks, specifically toe cracks. The Page 30 to 34 article featured three AFJ Editorial Advisory Board members that offered their time-tested ideas for dealing with hoof cracks. Since the issue did not have space for all of their ideas and concerns, we're providing their ideas here on quarter cracks and bar cracks.
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Making Sense Of Navicular Syndrome

Concise Guide to Navicular Syndrome in the Horse
One of the most difficult equine foot problems to diagnose and treat is navicular syndrome.
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