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A Guideline To Expect The Expected And Unexpected

Determining what it costs to work with each horse is a valuable tool for determining the profitability of your practice
There are differences in how every farrier approaches his or her business. Still, the most common and effective way to manage the finances of a farrier business remains knowing what it costs to shoe a horse.
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Farrier Q&A: July/August 2016

Do you offer multi-horse discounts? If not, why not? If yes, how do you structure them?
A: I don’t offer multi-horse discounts for a variety of reasons: 1 My safety and chances of being hurt are the same whether I trim one or more than one horse at the same location. 2 My insurance costs don’t change nor do the costs of my tools, planning for capital expense purchases, marketing, repairs and maintenance on my vehicle and the cost of shipping for supplies I order.
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If measuring the foot for and building a shoe, Jacob Butler says consistency is the key in building your system. That system comes as a result of experience.
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Farrier Income Continues Gradual Gain

Data gleaned from the latest American Farriers Journal Farrier Business Practices survey indicates the hoof-care industry is holding its own and is apparently doing better than other areas of the equine market
Despite a slower than anticipated recovery in the overall equine community, farriers appear to be doing considerably better than 2 years ago with average incomes increasing by 12% for full-time farriers and by an astounding 50% for part-time farriers.
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What’s It Cost To Trim, Shoe Horses?

If you don’t have a handle on all your costs, it’s impossible to know what you should be charging
While a farrier's top priority is normally the care of hooves, you must be equally concerned with earning a living and dealing with the business aspects of the profession.
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