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Farrier Q&A: July/August 2016

Do you offer multi-horse discounts? If not, why not? If yes, how do you structure them?
A: I don’t offer multi-horse discounts for a variety of reasons: 1 My safety and chances of being hurt are the same whether I trim one or more than one horse at the same location. 2 My insurance costs don’t change nor do the costs of my tools, planning for capital expense purchases, marketing, repairs and maintenance on my vehicle and the cost of shipping for supplies I order.
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Q&A: Discounts

A potential client with three horses asks if you will provide a multiple horse discount. How do you respond? If you offer a discount, how much?
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Tips For Saving At The Supply Shop

Beginning with bulk purchases, changing your buying practice at the local supply shop can result in considerable savings
Even if the economic climate wasn’t so disheartening for most of the equine industry, it just makes good business sense to save money whenever you can in your farrier practice.
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