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Quick Tips for Improving Your Bottom Line

British farrier David Nicholls shares his thoughts on making the business side of farriery more pleasant

David Nicholls clearly understands the need for farriers to operate their businesses as businesses. The West Sussex, England, farrier has keen insight not only from being a practitioner for more than 45 years, but from his overall business experience. He’s worked outside of farriery in varied capacities and within farriery, he’s worked in both single- and multi-farrier practices. But for him, there is one reason why he was qualified to lecture other farriers on the subject of business at the 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit.

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Farrier Software

What's In Your Toolbox?

Whether you are looking to educate your clients, provide a new service or maintain your business records, computer software could be the change your practice needs
When hearing the word “technology,” farriers may immediately visualize products such as a laptop or cell phone. Useful technology, however, is not solely limited to devices but also includes the programs and software that can be run on them.
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Product Knowledge

Farrier-Developed Software Records Visual Documentation

Photo histories become convenient, video can be slowed to reveal gait problems to the human eye, helping farriers gain owners’ support as horses grow sounder

As the world of horse care becomes more technical, clients expect more and more from farriers. Many farriers have begun using digital pictures and videos to document changes in a horse’s shoeing, lameness and performance. How do farriers educate their clients when it comes to these concerns?

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Farrier Software Offers Great Features, Potential

Here’s what two farriers say about the newest version of

 The farrier Basic Gold program is a very powerful tool to any farrier trying to manage a professional business. Like any tool in your toolbox, it takes time and practice to develop the skills to use it to its full advantage.

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