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Body Condition Scoring System Keeps Equine Professionals On The Same Page

This standardized method to determine a horse’s ideal body weight is an important tool for horse owners, trainers, farriers and nutritionists

Body condition scoring is something every horse owner and trainer should know how to use in order to evaluate if a horse is too skinny or too fat, says Jessica Normand, senior director of equine health for SmartPak.

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Research Journal

Researchers in Vienna examined the utility of using heart rate and heart rate variability to estimate the degree of pain felt by 12 horses with clinically obvious laminitis compared to five unaffected control horses. In addition, heart rates were compared to the Obel pain scale, historically used to describe the severity of laminitis pain where “1” is used for horses that shift their weight from one foot to another while standing or are lame only at a trot and “4” is used for horses that are very reluctant or refuse to move.

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5-Step Treatment For Laminitis

Farriers provide “first line of defense” in recognizing early signs of Cushing’s
While Matthew Frederick and his wife, Susan Tierney Frederick, are convinced of the effectiveness and vital role that Permax has played in the recovery of horses they are treating for refractory laminitis, they are quick to point out that their treatment involves more than just the drug.
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American Farriers Journal is the “hands-on” magazine for professional farriers, equine veterinarians and horse care product and service buyers.
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