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How important is making sure my insulin-resistant mare gets the right minerals in her diet?

The best place to start supporting your insulin resistant (IR) horse is by feeding a low sugar and starch diet along with a balanced intake of key minerals. Minerals have direct and indirect involvement in virtually every action in the body, and have important effects on IR and its consequences. Hoof Nutrition Intelligence is brought to you by Banixx.
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5 Points For Your Clients To Consider Before Using A Calming Supplement

Agitated, nervous horses that are normally well-behaved may benefit from a calming supplement. These products can contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or amino acids. So, which should your client choose and what’s the best way to use them? Before your clients make a decision, they should consider some important points.
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Nutrition: A Piece Of The Footcare Puzzle

Researchers share how our understanding of nutrition contributes to keeping hooves healthy
We know that proper nutrition is important for every function of living beings. In a general sense, horse people recognize this for equine hoof health. Research over the years regarding dietary needs of livestock and horses and its relation to hoof health have put science behind our observations.
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Supplements Are One Piece of The Quality Hoof Puzzle

Seven out of 10 horses do not get a full serving of a fortified grain or complete feed, which may mean inadequate levels of key vitamins and minerals needed for hoof health
When recommending hoof supplements to clients, Jessica Normand says it's critical for farriers to stress the proper expectations for these products. The SmartPak staffer told attendees at a How-To Clinic during the 2014 International Hoof-Care Summit that horse owners have to recognize that healthy hooves require regular, professional maintenance along with plenty of exercise and activity.
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Nutrient Strategies

Feeding the Geriatric Horse

Although horses 20 years and older have special nutritional needs, your clients can keep them healthy through their golden years by paying attention to their special needs
The major concern among farriers working with geriatric horses is normally whether their arthritic joints have made it difficult for them to hold their feet up long and high enough to be trimmed. But while you're working under an equine senior citizen, it's difficult not to notice when they begin to get ribby.
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