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Thoughts On Defining The “Good” Foot

Approaching the concept of a “normal” foot led to an exercise in thinking about the elusive “good” foot
When given the opportunity to write about shoeing a normal foot, my first move was to discuss the topic with a well-respected colleague, who quickly asked me “Jeffrey, what is a normal foot?” Naturally, I began to reflect on my daily work, thinking that most of my feet were fairly “normal.” But then I thought about the question more and came to the realization that almost all of my so-called “normal” horses present me with some type of a conformational or structural challenge that I am constantly striving to improve.
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2012 AAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic

[Video] 12 Points Of Reference In Trimming

American Farriers Journal Editor/Publisher Frank Lessiter met up with AAPF V.P. Dave Farley (Coshocton, Ohio) at the 2012 AAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic to discuss Balancing the Equine Hoof, a 12-step sequence he and Roy Bloom came up with to evaluate each horse, no matter their conformation.
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Understanding What You See Before, During and After

You can’t deliver hoof care without building a thorough and consistent system of evaluating horses’ feet
There is a joke that if you ask a group of 10 farriers about the right way to trim a foot, you'll get 10 different answers. There are dozens of variations to this joke, from the number of farriers, what they can't agree on and how many responses you'll get.
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The Heart Bar: A Precision Horseshoe For Laminitis

Proper evaluation, a perfect fit and constant aftercare are essential for success with this shoe
The heart bar shoe, as analyzed by Burney Chapman and Dr. George Platt at the 1984 American Association of Equine Practitioners meeting, was said by Dr. James Coffman of Manhattan, Kan., to be “a major advance in the management of laminitis...because it is based soundly upon the vascular anatomy of the foot.”
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