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Quick And Easy Exercises That Will Prolong Your Career

A farrier and physical trainer shares brief advice that focuses on exercises and nutrition essential to a farrier’s fitness
There are few professions tougher mentally or physically than being a professional farrier. I believe the only job remotely close would be that of a professional athlete. The daily repetitive nature of the job and an awkward working posture definitely take their toll on the farrier’s and athlete’s body.
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Dealing With Caudal Foot Pain

Effective farrier work is key in the prevention and recovery of navicular disease and tackling the all-important caudal foot pain syndrome disease process.
The unfortunate diagnosis of “navicular disease” has resulted in the demise of considerable numbers of horses worldwide.
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David Hood

Know The Critical Changes With Laminitis

Here are 21 things to be on the lookout for when suspecting laminitis

WHILE SOME ARE more prevalent in the acute phase than in the early or late chronic phase, David Hood says numerous conformational or pathologic changes can be present with laminitis.

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