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Because of the typical lack of balance in a low heel and long toe situation, French hoof researcher J.M. Denoix says the foot often loses the ability to restore itself back to normal. This is due to permanent damage to various internal structures such as the way the navicular bone is connected to P2 and P3.
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It's Tough To Do, But Think Of Back Pain As Your Friend

It protects you, alerts you to the danger of further injury and makes you move, think and behave differently in your hoof-care work
Being fearful of back pain is fine since your farrier business depends on getting under horses each day. While back pain is significant, it is often not due to the fact that you did something wrong, lifted wrong, lifted too much weight or had a bad stance.
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Research Journal

The multinational Global Equine Research Alliance conducted a novel study on the effects of early conditioning exercise of foals on behavior, orthopedic health and race training.

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