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Advising Horse Owners on How to Head Off Navicular Disease

Veterinarian Dallas O. Goble believes understanding the basics of navicular disease will allow you to better serve your clients
“For something so small, equivalent in size to our little finger, the navicular bone can render a 1,000 pound, finely-tuned equine athlete into a pasture pet — permanently,” explains Dallas O.
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Vet's Corner

Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Spontaneous Rupture Of The Deep Digital Flexor Tendon

Therapeutic shoe with heel extension seen as key to successful outcome

The flexor tendons of the front limb of a horse are a common site of injury. Often, lacerations will damage the superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon and even the suspensory ligament.

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Treating Hoof Cracks And Other Hoof Maladies

Cornell farrier offers primer on therapeutic cases
Horses that have unbalanced hooves, coronary band damage or interference injuries are all susceptible to hoof cracks. Damage to the laminae from abscess tracts will predispose a hoof to crack. Hooves that are not trimmed or shod regularly can crack from the added stress of long hooves. In an adult horse, limb deformities or shoeing to attempt to change a limb deformity aggressively can crack hooves.
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Legal Notes For Shoers

Farrier Malpractice — What You Need to Know

Because we live in a litigious society, you’ve got to be aware of the law
You just opened a letter written by a lawyer, and it accuses you of malpractice. The lawyer was hired by one of your customers named Bill.
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