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There's More Than One Kind of Heel Pain

Farriers face heel problems almost daily, but it’s important to understand that there are different causes, requiring different approaches
Navicular disease, navicular syndrome, caudal heel syndrome, palmar foot pain - regardless of the label, you've probably seen the condition. The chronic, shifting front limb lameness that causes the horse to look as though it is tiptoeing over hot coals is common to many breeds and disciplines.
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One Veterinarian's Viewpoint

Why Heart Bars Can Work Well With Laminitis

Forget the bute and other chemical pain relievers when it comes to treating laminitis cases, advises this equine veterinarian
After nearly 40 years of treating horses suffering from founder, laminitis, heel pain or navicular disease, I've made several critical observations in regard to the need for using anti-inflammatory drugs.
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Using the Roller Motion Shoe

Therapeutic shoe slope and raised heels are useful in dealing with a variety of hoof abnormalities
Wouldn't it be great if all horses had correct, perfect or nearly perfect conformation? Then hooves could be easily shod and balanced, the horses would be sound and their owners would be pleased. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has spoiled this farrier dream. In the real world of horseshoeing, neither horses nor their hooves are perfect.
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Super Shoeing Learning!

Farriers picked up plenty of practical shoeing ideas and scientific facts during the Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium
If you were looking to expand your knowledge of shoeing techniques and foot care, the Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium was definitely the place to be in late January.
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