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Summertime Hoof Care

Now that we are in the summer season, what are you finding is your top hoof-care challenge and how are you addressing it?
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Nutrient Strategies

Horses & H2O

Your clients may not think of water as a nutrient, but it’s the most essential dietary ingredient of all
After 48 hours without water, a horse may lose 6.8% of its bodyweight, which can reach to 9% within 72 hours. If summer heat is involved, a horse could lose 16% of its bodyweight in 3 days.
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How Drinking Water Affects Hoof Quality

The chemical interactions between minerals in hooves and drinking water can have a significant impact on equine nutrition
Countless horse supplements and feeds exist, each claiming to be the “best,” the “optimum,” “your assurance of maximum performance” or featuring a slogan like “insurance for perfect health.”
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