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No Need To Lose That High Nail

This simple trick will let you get a nail where you can clinch it without having to drive a new one
When shoeing in your everyday practice, it is common to drive a nail just a bit too high to clinch.
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Clinching 101

Good clinching helps keep shoes on and also improves the appearance of your shoeing work
Clinching is an incredibly important aspect of shoeing a horse. If it's done improperly, keeping a shoe on the foot can become difficult. However it is also a part of the job that is unlikely to cause damage to the hoof or horse, so it is often left to an apprentice or helper. It's important to understand a few principles that are involved in clinching that will make the job better and stronger.
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Converting A Rasp To A Clinch Block

This tool-building exercise will also help you hone your welding skills

There is something special about making and using your own tools. That feeling may be lost a little for well-known tool makers such as Texas farrier Jim Poor and New Mexico shoer Jim Keith, but making a tool that I’ll use still gives me that tingly feeling.

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The Z-Bar Factor

Unusual shoe fits the ticket when you need to get the weight off one side of a badly injured hoof

THE Z-BAR IS an interesting shoe to apply to a horse’s foot and can be extremely effective in the right circumstances.

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Where There's Smoke, There's Hot Fitting

The how and why of “burning” a shoe onto a foot
Just because you shape your shoes hot doesn’t mean you have to hot fit, of course. You can always let a hot shoe cool in the air or quench it in a bucket of water before you fit it to the horse — and there are times when you should do just that.
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Anatomy of a Nail Hole

Punching a nail hole seems simple, but plenty can go wrong
Most top forging hands will agree that making a perfect plain stamped shoe can be one of the toughest things to do. While it seems like this should be one of the easiest shoes to make, it isn’t.
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