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Farrier-Client Partnership Brings Horse Back to Soundness

Infection, dead coffin bone and contralateral limb rotation test Florida farrier’s skills and client’s follow-through
This case involves my client Heidi Thompson’s 18-month-old filly, Maybeline. On June 9, 2017, she was turned out after it had been raining. She was out in the arena because it offered the driest surface at that time. Maybeline managed to find a puddle and slip. Her foot went under a wire fence, which lacerated the medial side of her hoof.
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Farriers Can Add Value to their Practice with Adhesive Applications

Acrylic, urethane and polyurethane are among the options available to enhance a hoof-care business
Acrylic and urethane adhesives can offer farriers more shoeing options, the ability to provide better services to clients and ultimately an opportunity to increase business profitability. Despite these potential benefits, many farriers still shy away from reactive adhesives due to confusion about which product to use and when.
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Changing Your Farrier Practice

Ohio farrier extends his career in spite of arthritis by transitioning to trims only
Kirk Underschultz has been a hoof-care professional since 1979 — a testament to his love of the work and devotion to his clients. But it wasn’t long ago that his future as a farrier seemed uncertain. Several years ago, Underschultz started experiencing painful arthritis in his fingers and wrists — the most critical tools of any farrier.
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Shoeing Horses in Middle East Presents New Challenges

Farrier educator Mitch Taylor spent 18 months in Qatar helping to improve footcare while furthering his knowledge and ability
I believe that everything happens as part of a grand plan and as fate would have it, I accepted a job as the head of podiatry within the newly opened Equine Veterinary Medical Center in Doha, Qatar.
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Sport Horse Presents Tough, Unresolved Case

Presented with a horse not responding to hoof-care, farrier Stuart Muir tries different footcare strategies to achieve soundness
As farriers, when we are managing therapeutic cases, we like to see our work benefit the horse so that it can return to the same capacity that it was previously working in. Of course, that isn’t always the case and despite our best efforts, many horses won’t return to their previous levels of performance — or at all.
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Hans Castelijns

Therapeutic Shoeing for Tendonitis and Desmitis -- Audio Download


Hans Castelijns says the goal of therapeutic shoeing with these soft tissue injuries is to keep the healing tendon or ligament from overloading during rehabilitation. Castelijns suggests these shoeing strategies should be based on good diagnostics, including ultrasound. (Total Run Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes; File size: 83 Megabytes)




Therapeutic Shoeing For Athletic Equines Clinic

Kleider Veterinary Services
8036 232 Street
Contact: Lexy Mills
Kleider Veterinary Services is hosting a clinic in Langley, British Columbia.  Read More


Farriers' Day

Peninsula Equine Veterinary
Menlo Park, CA
United States
Contact: Jan

Grand Circuit Products is sponsoring a farriers’ day in Menlo Park.

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