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Documents Reveal Secret Planning For Farrier Standards, Registration

AFA leaders developed a program for school accreditation and farrier testing and registration that was funneled through a task force and put to the Board of Directors months later

Newly revealed documents show that a plan for establishing standards for farrier education, testing and registration was largely developed by members of the Executive Committee of the American Farriers Association by late April 2004.

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Task Force Member Understands Both Sides

Mitch Taylor owns a school himself, but believes independence is no excuse for spreading incompetence among farriers
Mitch Taylor understands what he's gotten into as a member of the AFA task force working to establish standards for farrier schools.
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Farrier Business Software

I’ve decided that my Palm Pilot’s become too limiting for planning and revising my schedule, so I’m looking to buy a laptop and some better business software. Which leads to my question: What do you use for scheduling and billing, and most importantly, what don’t you like about what you’re using? I’d like to know the high points of the software as well, but am really interested in the “holes” and limitations that I may run into.

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Farriers Helping Farriers

I recently started shoeing an endurance horse. The toes of both fronts have nearly worn through in less than 5 weeks. Is there anything I can do in regards to shoe type, the placement or hoof-angle adjustment to help alleviate this problem? He has very upright pasterns and the hoof angle on both fronts is 55.
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Too Old To Learn Farriery?

I'm a 37-year old woman who spent her younger years (until the age of 20) with horses. I went "astray" for awhile, but would like to rekindle my love for horses and try my hand at being a farrier. Is it feasible to begin learning farrier skills now with the objective of a career change? I would love nothing better than to work with horses full time, but am wondering if I'm  indulging little more than a pipe dream.
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Dr. Jeff Thomason

The Focus Of First Annual International Hoof-Care Summit

Cincinnati event brings together those who want to learn with those who have something to share

THE REAL WINNERS from the International Hoof-Care Summit weren’t to be found in the classrooms and exhibit galleries of the Cincinnati Convention Center, or in the plush hallways of the Hilton Netherlands Plaza Hotel.

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Onion Shoes Vs. Hoof Packing

I was reading a hoof-care magazine the other day and ran into an article on onion shoes. Basically an onion shoe is nothing but a shoe that’s shaped to make the bars share some of the weight that the hoof wall has to deal with.

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