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Letters: April 2017

The Future Of Hoof Care, As In The Past, Is Sole Protection Contrary to popular legend, horseshoes were not invented to protect hooves against wear.
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Hoof Protection Options For The Long Run

Vettec representative reviews the top three appliances that dominate endurance racing
It’s been said that an endurance horse will take as many as 80,000 footfalls over the course of a 100-mile race that traverses such diverse terrain as rock, water and mud. That’s more than a fair opportunity for a faulty step to result in lameness.
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Shoeing For A Living

Putting Together A Shoeing Day On The Fly

Scheduling gets tricky when a horse show intervenes
Some days just don’t start out well. Hank Highfield, the normally affable farrier from Indianapolis, Ind., is clearly a little miffed as he sets up his shoeing rig outside the barn at his first stop of the day.
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Fighting Founder With Hospital Plates

Veteran Texas farrier says these devices are valuable tools in the worst laminitis cases
While Working extensively with laminitic horses over the years, I have used the heart bar shoe with great success, as have many farriers all over the world.
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