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Migrating Clients Require Farrier Communication And Collaboration

As seasons change and horses move between locations, farriers in different states must work together to keep horse hooves healthy
Farriers spend a lot of energy, effort and expertise to keep their charges’ feet in tip-top shape so that their clients can continue year-round. Some farriers have clients who opt to migrate their horses to other locations beyond their “home base” for part of the year, such as those whose clients show during the winter in Florida.
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Don Walsh

Managing the Laminitic Horse

Practical and medical tips from a Florida laminitis conference
Treating laminitis isn’t just about the feet, says Don Walsh, an equine veterinarian of Homestead Equine Hospital in Missouri and founder of the Animal Health Foundation.
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Nutrient Strategies

Protein: What It Is, What It Isn’t

Let’s clear up some of the misunderstandings about the role of protein in the equine diet

Protein’s role in the diet is to provide amino acids (the building blocks of bones, muscles and soft tissues) for growth and repair. So it’s easy to see why, for many generations, we assumed that the more protein in the diet, the better a horse could perform. But somewhere along the way, many people made the leap from “growth and repair” to “energy source.” But protein, and its component amino acids, is not all that good for providing energy.

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