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Pressure Mounts To End Soring

Some members of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry maintain only a few bad apples are involved, but for others, soring is still a major concern
Many in the Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) industry maintain less soring and pressure shoeing is taking place than in the past. Others aren’t so sure, citing evidence that indicates that the banned practices are still all too common among high-level horses.
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Peeking Inside

Diagnostic imaging can give farriers an edge ­by looking inside the hoof, but horseshoers have to understand the ins and outs of various imaging techniques that have advanced far beyond the familiar X-ray technology.
Farriers working with equine veterinarians should be willing and able to gain insights into ailing hooves through the use of radiographs and other diagnostic imagining techniques.
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American Farriers Journal Checklist

Diagnosing Navicular Syndrome

Navicular syndrome is a common cause of lameness in the horse. This problem may account for 1/3 of all chronic lameness. Unfortunately, navicular syndrome remains only loosely defined.
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Vet's Corner

Diagnosing And Treating Ringbone

Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for any degree of success
In the medical community, ringbone is termed phalangeal exostosis. Simply put, it’s new bone growth on the proximal, middle or distal phalanx. This growth usually forms on the dorsal, dorsolateral and/or dorsomedial surfaces of the first and second phalanges and the extensor process of the third phalanx.
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Check Scientific Shoeing Info From AAEP

PLENTY OF NEW IDEAS relating to lameness treatment, new tools for examining feet and legs, unique shoeing ideas, changing relationships between heel and toe angles, surgical options for foot concerns and much more of interest to farriers were presented at December's American Association of Equine Practitioners meeting.
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