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Many Benefits For Glue-On Shoes

Glue-on shoe experts come together to share the secrets of their success
One of the many controversial topics in farriery remains gluing on horseshoes. There are farriers who have reasons for not using them.
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Grow Through An Apprenticeship

The art and craft of horseshoeing used to be passed on from master to apprentice, but today there are schools, books, DVDs and other opportunities and tools available for learning.
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The Farrier Apprentice

Making The Most Of An Apprenticeship

A good work ethic coupled with the enthusiasm and ability to learn will always serve apprentices well
In the March 2012 issue of American Farriers Journal, we looked at apprenticing and internships from the view of the mentoring farrier and business owner.
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The Farrier Apprentice

Landing A Helping Hand

Good work habits, being on time and a willingness to learn are just some of the traits experienced farriers look for in apprentices
The art of shoeing a horse used to be a craft that apprentices learned from master farriers and journeymen, picking up knowledge without ever picking up a book.
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6-Day Turn-Around

Daily treatments with the help of a disciplined training staff get a 4-year-old back on the track for training in a hurry
A 4-year-old was claimed out of a race in south Florida in the early part of the 2010 season. Even though the horse had obvious foot concerns, the new trainer gambled that the horse could quickly be returned to racetrack training.
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Remembering Jack Miller

Colleagues recall how the Hall Of Fame farrier influenced the entire shoeing industry
I owe a lot of my career, especially on shoeing hunters and jumpers, to Jack.
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