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Hoof Trimming Dos and Don'ts

A Hall Of Fame shoer’s tips on this essential footcare task
The trim is the key to establishing a level hoof and using the right tools in the right way are essential elements in accomplishing this task. No tool in the world can take the place of skilled handling. Bob Peacock, owner of Farrier Science Clinic in Hamilton, Ohio, and a member of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame, offers this advice, based on the more than 40 years he's spend in hoof care.
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Party Of Five

Trio of vets, two farriers earn Hall Of Fame recognition
The membership of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame increased by five during ceremonies at the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, during February.
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Advising Horse Owners on How to Head Off Navicular Disease

Veterinarian Dallas O. Goble believes understanding the basics of navicular disease will allow you to better serve your clients
“For something so small, equivalent in size to our little finger, the navicular bone can render a 1,000 pound, finely-tuned equine athlete into a pasture pet — permanently,” explains Dallas O.
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Hoof Care on Ice and Snow

It’s not too early to start stocking up on the supplies you’ll need to make sure your clients’ horses have the traction and protection they need during the coming winter
It’s not too early to start stocking up on the supplies you’ll need to make sure your clients’ horses have the traction and protection they need during the coming winter
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Hoof Care and the Coffin Bone

Understanding the form and function of the distal phalanx is vital to keeping horses sound
The distal phalanx, also known as the third phalanx, coffin or pedal bone, seems fragile, lying suspended above the sole, encapsulated by the outer hoof wall and supported by an intricate web of anatomical structures. It can be likened to the tip of one finger or digit and is a critical piece of the equine anatomical puzzle.
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The Right Time And Place For Corrective Shoes

When horses return to work or to the show ring, a farrier must carefully evaluate the effect of continued use of therapeutic shoes
There are almost as many types of shoes as there are horses to wear them. Available in different weights, sizes and shapes, they're also made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, synthetics, titanium and even rawhide.
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Shoeing for the Trail

Horses who are used by their owners in shows as well as for pleasure can present a real challenge for farriers
Trail riding ranks high on the list of things horse owners do with their horses — no matter what other riding discipline they may be involved in. In fact, it’s thought that getting out of the ring is good for everyone — mentally as well as physically.
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Lucky IHCS Attendee Won an Educational Bonus

For Marvin Howard, a 20-year shoeing veteran from Pataskala, Ohio, “It was a chance in a lifetime.”
Howard was referring to the week he spent in Lexington with equine veterinarian Scott Morrison and his associate, Manfred Ecker, a master farrier. Howard won the prize at the 2007 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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