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Lameness Locator Moves Equine Veterinary Technology a Step Ahead

While not without its detractors, some vets believe this system helps make subjectivity less of a factor in lameness exams
Performing lameness examinations has never been an exact science. Even the best equine veterinarians do not always agree on the cause or even the location of difficult lamenesses. Now, a relatively new piece of veterinary technology is taking the subjectivity out of lameness exams.
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New Mexico Shoe-Shaping Experiment Produces Unexpected Results

Little variation found as nine farriers forge keg shoes to fit the same trimmed foot
Farriers all have slightly different shoe-shaping styles and a few have some very different techniques. Just about any farrier has pulled a shoe that was nailed on by someone else and puzzled over what that other horseshoer could have been thinking when he chose that shape.
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Hoof Care As Preventative Maintenance

Grant Moon urges farriers to head off problems in advance during final Wagon Mound Ranch Supply shoeing clinic
Grant Moon sees horseshoeing, in part, as a program of preventative maintenance. He told about 75 horseshoers at a clinic at Wagon Mound Ranch Supply in Solano, N.M., that a big part of their job is preventing injuries while maximizing performance.
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The Intricacies and Dangers of Puncture Wounds

It may be difficult to wait, but it’s often best not to pull that nail or thorn until you have consulted with a veterinarian
Whether to pull out that nail or other object found stuck in a horse's foot is a dilemma all horseshoers face occasionally. The wise and recommended move is to leave it until an X-ray can show how deep it goes and exactly what it punctures.
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Backyard Shoeing

Backbone of a Shoeing Career

Veteran shoers say backyard horses are a great way to get started in the business and can help round out your schedule when you move up to more specialized hoof-care work
Shoeing backyard horses is like many other things in life. Everybody does it, but few want to admit it.
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General Store

Location, Location, Middle of Nowhere

New Mexico farrier supplier finds success in real small-town America

If you don’t get McGinn’s joke, try finding Solano, N.M., on the map. That’s where Bachen owns and runs Wagon Mound Ranch Supply, a leading horseshoe supply house with nearly 25 years in business. The store is located basically in the middle of nowhere. There are nine people living in the town and only 750 in the entire county, which covers 2,500 square miles.

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Harold Thomas

This Farrier Takes a Beating

Horseshoers submit their bodies to an unusual amount of wear and tear, and most don’t consider the long-term consequences
All horseshoers know that what they do for a living is hard on their bodies, but most choose to ignore the fact.
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