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Pinpointing P-3 During The Shoeing Cycle

California farrier says his scoring system provides valuable information for balance and breakover management
Breakover is a function of the equine foot. A chronic problem that we see in the clinic where I work is that the breakover of the hoof capsule is out of balance with the coffin bone at a given point in the shoeing cycle.
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Figure 1

Recognize Pedal Osteitis & Stop It Cold

The signature sign is a crescent-shaped bruise on the sole along the edge of the coffin bone, but the condition is not always so easy to diagnose

Pedal osteitis, an inflammation of the coffin bone usually resulting from severe bruising of the sole or consistent pressure on the bone, often reveals itself through an obvious, crescent-shaped bruise on the bottom of the foot.

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Farriers' Roundtable

With long-toe and no-heel syndrome, should I be most assertive over a short period of time or a long time? Should I set back the shoe with extra heel length or set it back a little at a time with pads and shoes?
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Blake Brown

Reading Shoe Wear Gives Farriers An Edge

Not everyone does it, but farriers who know what they’re looking for on the bottom of old shoes can find clues to help keep a horse comfortable and healthy

Be sure to look at the shoes every time you pull them off,” says Blake Brown, a Penryn Calif., farrier who worked at a veterinarian clinic for 20 years.

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Shoeing Feedlot Horses

Four veteran shoers share what they’ve learned about this challenging type of work
Shoeing feedlot horses can be more challenging than shoeing racehorses, show horses or trail horses. Most feedlot horses work constantly, in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Here's some advice from four experienced shoers on what you can expect in shoeing feedlot horses and the importance of different environmental and weather conditions.
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Horseshoeing 101

While you have to watch out for the serious hoof problems, don’t forget about proper physiologic horseshoeing

It's nothing fancy. It’s not going to win you any awards or get your face on the cover of a magazine, but shoeing and trimming a horse with proper physiologic principles will make you a better farrier and, more importantly, keep your horses’ feet healthy, according to Dr. Stephen O’Grady.

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Blunt-Toe Shoe
The Right Shoe

Blunt-Toe Shoe Eases Breakover

How, When and Where to Use This Valuable Shoe

In the first article in this series (pages 35 to 36 of the September/October, 2002, issue of American Farriers Journal), you learned how an egg bar shoe can be used to increase posterior support and flotation.

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Exciting Hoof-Care Ideas

The American Association of Equine Practitioners annual meeting kept farriers on the edge of their seats
The turkey and pumpkin pies barely had time to cool off before several thousand vets, farriers and suppliers headed to sunny San Diego, Calif., for the 47th American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) meeting in late November.
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