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Holly Kuchera

Gaining Advantage

Farriers get an edge from knowing how quarter cracks form—beware hoof wall stress and poor conformation

Talking about quarter cracks, equine veterinarian and farrier Stephen O’Grady says, “There are a lot of different causes. Some we don’t fully understand.

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Hoof Repair

Essential Tips For Using Adhesives In Hoof Repairs

A look at the how, when and why of using these products for various hoof repair and glue-on work

The development, evolution and versatility of today’s adhesive products have made farriers’ lives easier. Repair procedures that used to be extremely time consuming such as rebuilding severely damaged feet, hoof-wall rebuilds due to pulled shoes, quarter cracks, glue-ons, etc., can now be relatively fast-moving jobs.

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Baby Steps

Don’t think because they’re young they don’t need attention: These farriers and equine vets say the early days are the most important when it comes to foot health
Believe it or not, there are some people in this world who think that a horse's foot health doesn't need attention until it needs shoes. Whatever your philosophy on the subject, these three footcare professionals would beg to differ.
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Scott Morrison

Step-By-Step Approach To Dealing With The Laminitic Foot

Equine veterinarian Scott Morrison says systematic approach offers best hope for the horse

If there's one issue that baffles farriers and veterinarians, it’s how to deal with laminitis. Farriers find it hard to distinguish between the tested methods of treatment for laminitis and the people who are out there trying to sell a quick-fix solution to this debilitating problem.

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Anytime a prospective customer asks Brent Brown to shoe a horse, he immediately tells them the cost.
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Online With The Farriers' Forum

Shoe Wear, Level Correlation

Q: I shoe Standardbred racehorses and I’ve been taught that if a horse is wearing his shoe down on one side more so than the other, then this is the side that needs to be lowered when it’s time to reshoe them. 

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