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Dealing with Sheared Heels

The causes of this common problem may be more complex than they appear on the surface
Among many of the challenges a farrier must deal with are sheared heels. Scott Morrison, the veterinarian and farrier who leads the Podiatry Department at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, Ky., says this problem is usually the result of less than ideal conformation. Usually the horse toes in or out, putting more stress on one side of the hoof wall (and heel) than the other. When a horse develops sheared heels, the stressed heel becomes jammed upward, the hoof symmetry is distorted and one heel is bearing most of the weight.
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Dealing with Quarter Cracks and Sheared Heels

Double-trim method found effective in removing cause of the problem
Spontaneous quarter cracks a hoof problem than often causes pain and lameness — are actually anything but spontaneous, according to Hans H. Castelijns, a veterinarian and farrier of Spanish origin, who now practices in Italy.
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Vet's Corner

Managing Quarter Cracks

There’s more to dealing with these defects than just patching them — you need to identify and correct the cause as well

Quarter cracks are a common type of hoof capsule defect. Quarter cracks often cause foot lameness and/or decreased athletic performance in race and sport horses. They typically originate at the coronary band in the quarter of the hoof and progress distally

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Shoeing for a Living

Cruisin’ With The Patch Man

South Florida farrier does a booming business in quarter-crack repair for elite equine athletes
How often can one ride with a farrier for a workday and never see him put on a single shoe? Not very often! But days like that are not unusual for Tom Curl, the farrier based in Vero Beach, Fla., who spends about half his working time patching quarter cracks instead of putting on shoes. Indeed, he travels to take care of a single foot on many horses, and many others are hauled to him for the same treatment.
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Andrew Elsbree

Dealing With the Web-Wise Horse Owner

Today’s farriers need to realize second opinions are just a mouse-click away

Some farriers wear the fact that they aren’t computer savvy like a badge of honor.

But like it or not, shoers in this day and age are going to be dealing with the Internet and the World Wide Web — even if they never put their fingers on a keyboard or place their palm over a computer mouse.

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Richard McChesney

Shoeing Only for One Client

After 39 years of shoeing, this Kentucky farrier now works only for one trainer, but it’s a role that has included handling the footwork on two Kentucky Derby winners
In the furthest corner of the Churchill Downs’ backstretch, in a barn that practically sits in the front yards of the bungalows lining Louisville’s Longfield Avenue, a farrier crouches under a nervous Thoroughbred filly.
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