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Balanced Diet Leads To Healthy Hooves

Much like the canary in the coal mine that identifies a dangerous situation, nutrient deficiencies often show up in the hoof wall and sole growth before they’re readily observed in the rest of the horse
Their show hunter, the owners tell you, pulls its head to one side, fights with the rider and has straightness issues. As you examine the horse, you find excessive wear on the left toe.
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Nutrition Strategies

How The Hoof Reacts To Malnutrition

Without question, starvation negatively impacts hoof growth. Inadequate dietary energy, especially to the point of emaciation, hinders normal hoof development just as radically as it affects other body processes. While hoof growth may continue at a relatively constant rate through downturns in nutrition, the quality of hoof that develops may be severely diminished.
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Nutrient Strategies

Feeding the Geriatric Horse

Although horses 20 years and older have special nutritional needs, your clients can keep them healthy through their golden years by paying attention to their special needs
The major concern among farriers working with geriatric horses is normally whether their arthritic joints have made it difficult for them to hold their feet up long and high enough to be trimmed. But while you're working under an equine senior citizen, it's difficult not to notice when they begin to get ribby.
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Nutrient Strategies

Horses & H2O

Your clients may not think of water as a nutrient, but it’s the most essential dietary ingredient of all
After 48 hours without water, a horse may lose 6.8% of its bodyweight, which can reach to 9% within 72 hours. If summer heat is involved, a horse could lose 16% of its bodyweight in 3 days.
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Dealing With Metabolic Laminitis

How your clients can prevent it or improve quality of life for horses who already have it
The metabolism of a horse is quite complex, but were learning more about it all the time, including what hormones affect metabolism in such a way as to cause laminitis.
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