The Standlee Premium Western Forage Premium Orchard Grass Grab & Go Compressed Bale is formed by allowing Standlee Premium Western Forage to grow to the proper stage of maturity, cutting the plants, allowing them to sun-cure (dry) to an acceptable moisture level and baling the forage at the optimal time. Compressed bales of forage are created from a large 4 x 4 x 8 ft. bale that is put through a press, sliced horizontally, pushed onto a scale, weighed, compressed, banded and then shrink-wrapped.

Orchard Grass forage is typically slightly higher in protein and calories compared to Timothy and can be moderate to high in sugar content. The natural forage length mimics grazing, and the slow intake stimulates chewing and minimizes digestive upset. The bales are convenient to handle and store, and their physical form allows for visual inspection of quality and consistency.

Also available in Premium Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Grab & Go Compressed Bales.

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