Hoof-care professional Anna Handley of Fenton, Mich., resolved to fitness in her 50s.

After a surgery left her with six screws and pins in her back, Handley became inactive and gained weight. Unrelenting, she committed to work out four times per week in 2017 — a resolution that many fail at — and followed through. 

“I just want to be healthy and active for the time I am alive. It seems like so many folks in their 50s gather and talk about their doctor appointments, tests, medicine and limitations. It’s depressing,” Handley told the Tri-County Times. “Sickness and disease has become the identity of many.”

For her workout, she does a variety of exercises, including cardio and weights.

 “At first, I had to use sliders when doing burpees, but a year later, I’m a lot stronger and don’t even need them,” Handley says. “You can modify any exercise.”

Her surgery has not held her back, and she encourages others not to let any obstacles they may have prevent them from pursuing physical fitness.

“We are a spirit with a soul living in a body. If you don’t take care of it, your life will likely be shorter, and so will the quality of your life and your own enjoyment.”

With her physical health improved, Handley has returned to work as an equine podiatrist.