Tsetsi “Lights Out” Davis is a farrier with more than 20 years of experience, but his equine interests aren’t just in hoof-care.

Davis’ passion for horses and horse racing began when his friend Devon offered to teach him farriery. From his first encounter with hoof-care — when he pulled off a shoe for Devon right away — he paid careful attention and remained a quick learner.

He learned from several farriers before beginning as a farrier at Cayamanas Park, Jamaica’s only racetrack, where he has worked on-and-off since 1991.

Alhough horses are his first priority, he remains a professional boxer. He represented Jamaica in the ring 13 times. He wants to see his passions come together.

“I would like to bring boxing into the racing industry,” Davis told the Jamaica Observer.

“My good friend Andrew Azar ran a race in my name — the Tsetsi ‘Lights Out’ Davis race,” he says.

On the last day of that competition, Davis says he helped put on “a little boxing thing” at Caymanas Park. “We need to do some more of that,” he says.

Davis has ideas to bring the ring the racetrack.

“Some Thursday or Friday nights we could put on a little show because this is my home town — Cayamanas Park is my yard.”