FMBs Therapy Systems is delighted to introduce Ice Horse, a high quality set of ice products. Ice products are designed to apply compression and long lasting snow-like cold therapy to the feet, legs, stifles and back. FMBs is the UK distributor of the Ice Horse range.

Ice Horse is an American product designed to provide effective and efficient cooling across key points of the horse’s body. The range of carefully designed products includes wraps to cover areas that most other companies simply don’t cater for. The range includes the Suspensory Wraps, Stifle Wraps and Laminitis Boot. The technology behind the ice packs was what first attracted Serena Hickson, FMBs’ managing director. Hickson has been sourcing and developing products for a number of years and advises elite and performance riders on therapy solutions.

“The Ice Horse products, to my mind at least, are just incredible,” says Hickson. “The ice packs freeze like snow, making them easy to mould into the limbs, but they also hold the cold for up to two hours – we’ve successfully used the same ice packs on two horses for 20 minutes each without the need to refreeze. In addition, the packs are seam free to provide even cold therapy around the leg, which I felt was very important but so often gets overlooked.”

The Ice Horse range, available from FMBs Therapy Systems, comprises a range of leg wraps (covering different areas of the leg) and hoof boots. These have all been carefully designed for optimum performance and are made using breathable non-neoprene material. Compression is applied at the same time as the ice packs are held in the perfect position. The fastenings are all strong and durable and very easy to use.

“We’re really excited about this new product range,” said Hickson. “It provides horses and riders with a really superb cooling solution at home and, more importantly, at competitions too.”

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