Each Friday morning, we will be sharing several facts and figures that will be helpful in seeing how you measure up business-wise with other farriers. This edition of Friday's Farrier Facts & Figures is sponsored by Markel Insurance Co. To read more from this series, click here.

How Much Do Farriers Charge For Pads And Packing?

Full-time farriers charge an average of an extra $36.49 for applying two pads and packing. These farriers use pads on 16% of the horses they trim and shoe.

— 2016 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study

Why Do British Citizens Give Up Riding Horses?

In Great Britain, 18% of former riders quit riding due to the high cost of maintaining their horses. Lost access to riding trails was also a prominent factor.

Some 34% of ex-riders indicated they would be interested to returning to riding sometime in the future.

— 2015 national equestrian survey conducted by the British Equestrian Trade Assn.