SBS Equine Starting Gate Granules are mixed phospholipids which coat the inside of the stomach of the horse. They enhance the nutritional absorption throughout the digestive system of all supplements and feed products. The granules are very palatable and horses like to eat them as they pick up moisture and cling to the food product. The granules do not settle to the bottom of the container as other supplements can.

To help direct nutrient-rich blood to the hooves, a copper-peptide complex, such as Toe Grow Spray or Gel, can be applied to the coronet band. This stimulates the specialized receptor cells that regulate collagen production and blood flow to the hooves and other areas where applied. When a horse is treated with the topically applied copper-peptide and is also on a regimen of nutritional granules, the results prove to be exponential. Starting Gate Granules and Toe Grow work hand-in-hand in conjunction with other nutritional supplements or feed to maximize hoof growth in horses.

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