Deanna Stoppler of Underhill, Vt., dropped everything in 2010 to follow her love of horses and pursue farriery.

According to Seven Days, Stoppler has attended many workshops and conferences and conquered at several competitions since attending Mission Farrier School in Snohomish, Wash.

Stoppler grew up riding horses, but her path wasn’t straight to owning and operating Horse and Sole Hoof Care. She earned a degree in English from the University of Missouri and began working as a full-time editor while volunteering at the Center for America’s First Horse.

After meeting farrier Jen Poulin, she decided to get an education in farriery. She told Seven Days why she loves the horses, her job and the community.

“I was out one time for almost a month because of my back, and a few farriers in the area really helped me out. I feel like we’re a big community,” Stoppler says. “We all have our own little niche.”

Her niche is backyard horses.

“I really enjoy the relationship with the owner and their relationship with the animal.”

Beyond the backyards of Vermont, Stoppler has also shod abroad.

“I got to go to Nigeria to work on polo horses,” she says. “I’ve gone up to Québec to work on feet.”

But for Stoppler, the best experience is in the everyday she spends with horses.

“They’re just curious, or they trust you,” she says. “It brings tears to my eyes sometimes how sensitive they are.”