The American Horse Council (AHC) extended the deadline for completing its Economic Impact Study survey to Aug. 18, 2017 to maximize participation.

“The survey has been open since the beginning of June, and unfortunately we have only had around 9,000 responses,” AHC President Julie Broadway said in a press release.

“We decided to extend the deadline for respondents to take the survey to ensure that we are getting as many responses as we can — we estimated that the survey link should be reaching approximately 900,000 people, and the 2005 study had over 18,000 responses,” says Broadway.

The study aims to assess the equine industry’s impact on the U.S. economy. These findings are crucial to demonstrate the importance and expanse of the industry to media professionals and public officials.

“The industry has waited a long time for this study to be updated,” says Broadway. The last study took place in 2005.

Visit this link to partake in the 2017 Economic Impact Study. The AHC encourages respondents also to share the study link via email and social media to engage further participation.