The American Horse Council Foundation is seeking to update the Economic Impact Study of the Horse Industry in 2017.

The 2005 Economic Impact Study documented the economic effects of the racing, showing, recreation and other segments of the horse industry. It established that the horse industry in all its segments, including racing, showing and recreation, had a $39 billion effect on the United States economy, involved more than 4 million Americans and 9.2 million horses and supported 1.4 million full-time jobs. The study also provided invaluable demographic data and insights into professions and other industries that are affected by the equine ownership.

The study has proven to be extremely helpful to the industry’s efforts in Congress and legislatures and in documenting its size and diversity to the public, press and media. 

The 2017 study will include expanded demographic information to include the impact that youth involvement has on the industry, as well as a more in-depth of analysis of all segments of the industry — such as rescues and sanctuaries and therapeutic riding centers.

“The 1996 and 2005 studies gave insight to an industry that operates in every corner of the country and contributes greatly to the American economy and culture,” says Julie Broadway, president of the AHC. “We are looking forward to updating this information to continue to be able to educate not only Congress and state legislatures, but also the industry itself as well.”

For more information, email or call the AHC at 202-296-4031.