Daniel Johnson of Brookville, Ind., has a unique ride: his motorcycle.

The farrier has ridden 193,000 miles on the motorcycle in nearly 5 years of ownership.

“But that’s nothing,” Johnson told the Laconia Daily Sun.

Johnson’s bike garnered significant attention at Laconia Motorcycle Week in June, held annually in New Hampshire and described as “The World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally” on their website.

According to the Laconia Daily Sun, Johnson is prepared for long-distance rides, with PVC pipes affixed to the bike to hold tools and other items, a water faucet and a walking stick holder.

Johnson has made use of these features, given that he has ridden across the country — including Route 66 in its entirety.

The motorcycle is also adorned by decorations such as a buffalo hide seat, a bobcat skull and Native American beads. As he visits new places, people offer him their own tokens to join the ensemble.

Johnson encounters generosity throughout his travels. “People from all over the United States — even complete strangers — will invite me into their homes,” he says.

His life has not been boring. Before farriery and riding across the country, he was a Marine. He told the Laconia Daily Sun that as a Marine, he experienced three countries at 18-years-old. He was injured during his service and classified as 40% disabled. But he doesn’t allow that to prevent him from shoeing horses — he cares for 300.