Massachusetts-based equine supplement company SmartPak has added five new supplements to its product line, according to a press release.

“We’re really excited to be introducing new supplements to the market,” according to a statement attributed to Sarah Mann, vice president of brand and customer experience at SmartPak.

“As a company that stands for healthy horses, we’re always looking for ways to develop new and innovative products to provide the best support for your horse.”

SmartGain, the company’s weight gain supplement, has been re-released with a new and improved formula. The formula includes calories from healthy fats with amino acids. SmartShine Ultra also has been re-issued, with a formula containing flaxseed and chia seeds as sources of omega fatty acids for skin and coat. Flax by SmartPak also offers omega fatty acids, at a value price.

Two new products offered by SmartPak include EquiThrive Joint, a resveratrol-based formula to support healthy joint function; and Farrier’s Formula Double Strength, a farrier-recommended supplement by Life Data Labs.